Sophie Scholl’s prison intake record

Munich Prison – Stadelheim

/Stamp: Reich Prosecutor’s Office, [illegible], February 25, 1943/

Delivered – Surrendered: 2/22/43 at 1:45 pm. From: Trial.

First Name: Sofie. Surname: Scholl. born on May 9, 1921 in Forchtenberg near Öringen (sic) Württemberg. Student. Religion: Lutheran. Residence: Munich, Franz-Josef Str. 13. Last police registration: ditto, c/o Schmidt. First and last names of spouse: Single. No. of children: None. Name and address of next-of-kin: Father: Robert Scholl, business adviser. Mother: Magdalena nee Müller. Ulm – Münsterplatz 33.

Prisoner No. H2433/[blank].

Placement: [blank].

Prior Punishment: Penitentiary: No. Prison: No. Arrest: No. Fines: No. House arrest: No. Corrective institution: No. Sanitarium: No. Nursing home: No. Rehab center (alcoholism): No.

Most recently released in (year): [blank].

Executory authorities or other authorities requesting acceptance (Bureau Abbrev.): People’s Court Berlin, currently in Munich. Punishment meted out on February 22, 1943.

Crime committed/suspicion of criminal deed: a) Type and (when known) length of sentence / maximum sentence; precautions to ensure security and amelioration or other conditions of custody; b) Deduction for time in interrogation: Death penalty.

Punishment or custody: Begins on (date/time): Ends at (date/time): [blank].

Advisement of acceptance to Mr. [illegible], People’s Court [illegible].

[Note 1] VollzO A 10, Notification of Acceptance by the Authorities… Administration [illegible]. 198×210 mm (red).

8J 35/43.


Note 1: Information about the form. Most of it had been completed with a typewriter; only the italicized portions were handwritten. For this online version, it was also necessary to change the format slightly so the information would make sense. The form was columnar, and read left to right in this online version, the data would not flow as intended. Similarly, the word “No” regarding types or prior punishment had to be repeated each time here. In the original document, and in our print version of the English translation, the word “No” appeared only once with a line drawn to the right, indicating it applied to all responses.


Source: ZC13267 (224)

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