Kosemund’s expense report

Chief Sergeant-at-Arms of the Justice Department, Kosemund.

Expense Report.

I hereby request reimbursement of the following expenses:

[Headings: a) Travel plans and business purpose. b) Expenses paid. c) Marks. d) Pfennig. e) Notes.]

[Note 1] a) Outbound travel: (Itinerary) 8:02 p.m., departure from Berlin Anh. train station, 3rd class. Local (E) train. Express (D) train. Long distance express (FD) train. Sleeper car via [blank] to Munich. Arrival at 7:05 a.m. in Munich. b) Train fare (airfare) surcharges for E, D, or FD trains. Reserved seat. Reserved bed. Luggage (reasons for sending luggage ahead must be given). c/d) 28.70 [Marks] [$229.60]. e) [blank].

a) Business purpose of trip: Sergeant-at-arms for session. Beginning at: 10 a.m. Ending at 12:40 p.m. b) [Blank]. c/d) 8.25 [Marks] [$66.00]. e) Daily allowance of 5.50 Marks [$44.00] per day x 1.5 days.

a) [blank]. b) [blank]. c/d) 9.00 [Marks] [$72.00]. e) Overnight allowance of 4.50 Marks [$36.00] per day x 2 nights.

a) [blank]. b) [blank]. c/d) 2.10 [Marks] [$16.80]. e) See next page.

a) Return trip: (Itinerary). 9:24 p.m. departure from Munich, 3rd class. Local (E) train. Express (D) train. Long distance express (FD) train. Sleeper car via [blank] to Berlin. Arrival at 9:12 a.m. in Berlin Anh. Train Station. b) [blank]. c/d) 28.70 [Marks] [$229.60]. e) [blank].

[Total] 76.75 [Marks] [$614.00]. Less travel advance, 80.00 Marks [$640.00]. [Balance] 3.25 Marks [$26.00], to be repaid.

/Stamp: Berlin, February 23, 1943, Accounting Office, People’s Court/
/Signature: Vogelgesang/

[Reverse of expense report]
Incidentals: (Debits and credits)
Bus, streetcar in: [blank]
Similar transportation expenses, metropolitan railway round trip @ 0.15 each: 0.30 [Marks] [$2.40]
Porters in Berlin: 0.60 [Marks] [$4.80]
In Munich, there and back @ 0.60 each: 1.20 [Marks] [$9.60]
Storage for luggage: [blank]
Conveyance of files: [blank]
Shipping of luggage: [blank]
Similar luggage expenses: [blank]
Total: 2.10 [Marks] [$16.80]

Use of automobiles must be justified.

I receive a fixed salary—basic pay—daily allowance of tariff group A106. I receive employment compensation—severance pay in the amount of [blank] Marks daily.

I received an advance from the cashier’s office of the People’s Court in the amount of 80.00 Marks [$640.00].

I hereby certify that I have undertaken the business travel described herein and that I have incurred the expenses stated above.

Berlin, February 23, 1943.
Name: /Signature: Gustav Kosemund/
Title: Sergeant-at-Arms, Justice Department.


Note 1: Dates were written in this column—February—but numbers were cut off.


Source: ZC13267 (265 – 266)

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