Schertling voluntary interrogation


II A/Sonderk. [Special Commission]
Munich, February 20 24, 1943


Gisela Schertling (single, student, born February 9, 1922 in Pössneck, residing in Munich, Lindwurm Str. 13/III) voluntarily appeared today. She made the following supplementary statements:

To today’s remonstrance that the thing that Hans Scholl called out to me at the university on February 18, 1943 appears rather curious and unclear, I can state the following:

When Hans Scholl passed by me, he called out, “Alex is at home, tell him, I will not be there this evening!” When he said this, I immediately knew that he could only mean Alexander Schmorell, because the two of them are good friends and often met at Scholl’s apartment.

Scholl introduced me to Schmorell there [at his apartment] around Christmas 1942. From that time on, I met Schmorell often in Scholl’s apartment.

When Scholl said that Alex was at home, he meant the apartment at Franz Joseph Str. 13 c/o Schmid. I only knew that Schmorell was the son of a [medical] doctor and I believed he lived in Solln.

Therefore I couldn’t do anything else but go from the university to Franz Joseph Str. 13 so I could hopefully meet up with Schmorell. If I had met up with Schmorell in Scholl’s apartment, I would have asked him what was up with Scholl or rather, I would have told him what Scholl said and asked for an explanation.

That is undoubtedly the only reason I left the university and went to Franz Joseph Str. 13 and desired access. To my surprise, I was met by two criminal policemen and brought to the State Police [Gestapo].

During the interrogation that followed, I could not recall the name “Schmorell” in all the excitement. It is certainly not true that I was trying to protect Scholl’s friend, because I did everything I could to give information [Note 1] about the circle of friends and acquaintances of [Hans] Scholl.

I still have several books lying around in Scholl’s apartment. I request their return. I hereby submit a list of the names of the books. [Note 2]

I would like to visit my parents in Pössneck from March 2 through 7, 1943 and then return to Munich.

I am unable to give a clear response regarding the general judgment of the general population, because I have tried to talk about this matter as little as possible.

Recorded by: Signed Schmauss, KS.

Signed: Gisela Schertling

Addendum: When asked about Professor Muth in Solln, Gisela Schertling stated:

Hans Scholl introduced me to Professor Muth at the beginning of February 1943. That is, we visited him at his residence in Solln, where I was introduced to Prof. Muth. During this initial visit, I observed that Prof. Muth is currently writing his autobiography. He does not wish to have much to do with the outside world. Hans Scholl told me that Prof. Muth is not a disciple of National Socialism, but that he still raves about the interim government of Weimar.

I did not see a picture of the Führer in Prof. Muth’s residence. Prof. Muth and Scholl did not discuss political matters at all in my presence. If Scholl had not told me about Prof. Muth’s political attitudes, I would not have been able to make any statement in that regards.

It occurs to me that I was in Prof. Muth’s residence once with Sophie Scholl, shortly before Christmas 1942, but only briefly. I was only introduced to Prof. Muth. I must correct that statement to say that this first introduction did not take place in Prof. Muth’s residence, but rather at his daughter’s, who lived next door.

I was with Hans Scholl visiting Prof. Muth in Solln a third time, picking up gramophone records. This was about 14 days ago. On that occasion, nothing was discussed, because Prof. Muth did not have very much time to talk with us. Therefore I cannot give any details regarding the political attitudes of this man.

From what I could tell from what Hans Scholl told me, he met Prof. Muth a couple of years ago. Since then, he has repeatedly been in Prof. Muth’s home to discuss scholarly matters with him. In addition, Scholl organized Prof. Muth’s library and was otherwise close to him.

I do not believe that Scholl’s crime can be traced back to Prof. Muth’s influence. As far as I know, both of them more or less exclusively discussed scholarly matters and probably could not have even found the time to debate politics. I have already stated that the two of them were in agreement [politically].

But I do not believe that Prof. Muth is capable of seditious activity. Therefore I also think it is impossible that Prof. Muth could have known that Hans Scholl was occupied with the production and distribution of seditious documents in his spare time. Scholl would not have entrusted Prof. Muth with [the knowledge of] that sort of thing.

I was very surprised to hear on February 18, 1943 that the Scholl siblings were publishing and distributing seditious documents behind my back. Both of them said absolutely nothing to me about that.

With regards to Sophie Scholl’s last wishes that in addition to Prof. Muth, I should give her greetings to the friends in Munich as well, I can only assume that these greetings were for the Graf siblings. I cannot name anyone else who could have been part of Scholl siblings’ circle of friends [Note 3].

Recorded by: Signed Schmauss, KS.

Signed: Gisela Schertling.


Note 1: Aufklärung, same word used for military reconnaissance.

Note 2: List of books was not attached or otherwise included in the file.

Note 3: Freunden. That is, close friends, not acquaintances.


Source: Schertling/Schüddekopf (12 – 14)

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