More about the Haecker reading

I met Graf on the occasion of the evening at Schmorell’s. I never came into closer contact with him. As far as I could tell, he reacted to the political debates very passively. I only met him on the evening at Schmorell’s and Eickemeyer’s. Lafrenz told me that Graf is a good friend of Scholl and often associated with him in his residence.

I only briefly met Graf Anneliese on the occasion of a philosophical-literary reading given by Prof. Haecker, which took place in Eickemeyer’s studio. On that evening, politics definitely was not discussed in any manner. With regards to her political attitudes, Anneliese Graf is a complete stranger to me. I also cannot recall that I ever saw Anneliese Graf with the Scholl circle.

I also know Geyer only from the Haecker evening. …

In my view, my statements about Ellermann are correct. I also recall that Ellermann was present at Haecker’s reading.

Since I personally don’t like Ellermann, I was a little put off that he was there that evening. I therefore asked Lafrenz why Ellermann had been invited. She said that Scholl had invited him and that Hans Scholl was looking for a publisher. I cannot judge whether Scholl Hans was looking for a publisher for his intrigues and had Ellermann in mind. I do not know whether Ellermann continued to associate with the Scholl circle.


Source: Second interrogation of Katharina Schüddekopf, March 24, 1943

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