Gisela Schertling’s view of White Rose politics

I must admit that politics was often discussed in this circle, namely treasonous politics. I heard them say that a democracy must replace the current regime. They indirectly made it clear that the current regime must be eliminated. But they certainly never told me that they were working to overthrow the current regime.

Their critique of the National Socialist State was always negative. They thought English democracy was the proper example. They particularly criticized the limiting of personal freedom. They thought they could bring about a transition to a new government by convincing individuals to revolt [Note 1] against the current regime.

The figure of speech “revolt against the current regime” was only used once on the occasion of a meeting. But on that occasion, the participants did not go into greater detail as to how they imagined the revolution against the State.


Note 1: Auflehnen. Also in following sentences.


Source: Gisela Schertling’s interrogation dated March 29, 1943

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