Additional information regarding shout-out

To today’s remonstrance that the thing that Hans Scholl called out to me at the university on February 18, 1943 appears rather curious and unclear, I can state the following:

When Hans Scholl passed by me, he called out, “Alex is at home, tell him, I will not be there this evening!” When he said this, I immediately knew that he could only mean Alexander Schmorell, because the two of them are good friends and often met at Scholl’s apartment. …

When Scholl said that Alex was at home, he meant the apartment at Franz Joseph Str. 13 c/o Schmid. I only knew that Schmorell was the son of a [medical] doctor and I believed he lived in Solln.


Source: February 24, 1943 interrogation of Gisela Schertling

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