Search of Eickemeyer’s studio

During the course of the interrogation, the accused Scholls admitted that several objects used in the publication of the leaflets were stored in the basement of the studio of the architect Eichemeier [sic]. …

On February 19, 1943, an immediate search of the location described by the accused Sofie Scholl turned up a set of keys. Following that, the undersigned carried out a search of the studio and all its rooms. In the studio proper, no evidence turned up. The following evidence was found in a corner of the basement, hidden by boxes and other objects.

1 portable typewriter, “Remington” brand—portable, No. NL 82 533

1 duplicating machine, “Roto Präziosa” brand, No. 13 101 with an oilcloth cover

1 output-basket for copies and 1 reserve drum (rubber)

1 backpack, “Tauern” brand. The duplicating machine was packed and stored in the backpack.

A large number of stencils of various manufacture

2 gloves covered with black tar-based paint

3 buckets of various colored paint

1 template with the words “Down with Hitler” and the sign of the swastika crossed-out twice

These objects were confiscated, since they undoubtedly originated with the act.


Source: ZC13267, Geith’s memorandum dated February 21, 1943

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